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The most important tourist places in Jordan:

1- Petra:

It is one of the remains of the amazing ancient civilizations in Jordan, characterized by the presence of the most beautiful and wonderful Jordanian monuments. It is considered one of the wonders of the world, due to its surprising architectural marvel, as the solid rock carved at an altitude of about 40 meters. Petra was almost hidden behind an impenetrable dam of mountains and compact stones. It has a scenic corridor of approximately one and a half kilometers. The magnificence of the place makes Petra a treasure of Jordan’s treasure, as it is an important tourist attraction that attracts tourism for tourism in Jordan. No matter how much we try to describe the magnificence and beauty of Petra and its unique historical value, we will not give it its right. You need to visit the place to see all this on nature. Enjoy the splendor of the unique place in Jordan.

2- The Roman Amphitheater:

During tourism in Jordan, you can go through an individual experience of its kind that takes you back 2000 years, when you visit the Roman amphitheater in Jerash, it is an important tourist attraction in Jordan dating back to the ancient Roman Empire, where it served as an arena for races and fighting as it was held artistic and theatrical performances This is due to the quality of the auditorium sound system. The amphitheater can accommodate about 6000 people, and there are many hotels close to the amphitheater that you can book for accommodation with ease online.

3- Aqaba:

If you like to dive and adventure under the water, you can do an exciting experience and dive in the Red Sea in Aqaba during the tourism in Jordan. Sneeze in the waters of the Red Sea and enjoy the vision of beautiful coral reefs with beautiful colors, a unique experience of its kind, not to miss the opportunity to visit Aqaba, where you can also ride boats with glass floors to enjoy the vision of fish and reefs, unfortunately for the boat and take the most beautiful memorial photos.

4- The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea in Jordan is the only place in the world that is safer on the darkening of the skin, where the sun’s UVB radiation, moderate joules throughout the months of the year and the purity and serenity of water. It is also one of the medical beaches where the famous clay rich in mineral salts that benefit the body where the body is applied for treatment. Also finds many hot springs. About me, there are many fine hotels there. If you intend to travel soon for tourism in Jordan, we advise you to visit the Dead Sea and do not miss this opportunity.

5- Jerash:

Jerash is one of the ancient cities in Jordan, and it comes second after Petra in terms of originality, heritage and historical origins. It dates back to about 6500 years. It was hidden under the sand for centuries until its existence was explored. It has streets, temples, columns, hills and theaters, and gates and wonderful towers. Of course, when you are visiting Jordan, you will not regret making your decision to visit the ancient city of Jerash.

6- Wadi Rum:

Wadi Rum, or as it is called, “Wadi Al-Qamar” is located in the south of Jordan, about 70 kilometers from Aqaba. It is called the valley of the moon because of the similarity of the valley’s topography to the moon’s surface. There are high mountains in Wadi Rum, including two of the highest mountain peaks in Bilad al-Sham, “Ram Ram and Jabal Umm al-Dami”. There are many tourist camps in the Ram Valley that replace hotels that are not allowed to be built in Wadi Rum, as it is considered a natural reserve that is not permitted to be built there. The Wadi Rum “Wadi al-Qamar” is an important tourist attraction in Ordat, which is used by tourists from all over the world to enjoy the magic of the picturesque nature there. You can do hiking or climbing there, as you can ride horses and camels, make safari trips and many activities that make the place a distinctive tourist destination and a tourist attraction in Jordan. Wadi Rum is also considered a famous place that was used as a filming location in many famous cinematic works, especially in Hollywood, such as “The Red Planet” and Lawrence of Arabia. Do not let such an opportunity miss you and make sure to place the valley of the moon in your tourism program during tourism in Jordan.

Tips before visiting Petra.

1. When visiting, you must wear comfortable clothes and shoes in preparation for a busy day full of activity. It is preferable to use moisturizing hats and creams while drinking plenty of water.

2. When planning a visit to Petra, Jordan, you can stay in Wadi Musa, a region dedicated to serving site visitors, as it has a large variety of hotels suitable for all types and budgets that exist from the visitor center and extend to the hills, and the Petra Guest House and Crown Plaza hotels are the closest to The entrance to the city is adjacent to the visitor center, in addition to the Movenpick Hotel, as well as the Rocky Mountain Hotel, which features stunning views of the valley.
If you live in Wadi Musa, Petra is a short walk away, and if you do not prefer this option, be aware that hotels often offer a free shuttle service to the visitor center a few times a day, but that means that Your visit will be limited to specific times, in addition to that, there are many taxis waiting outside the visitor center that you can use if you prefer.
If you drive to Petra, there is a free car park opposite the bus station, right in front of the Petra Moon Hotel.

3. The best time to visit Petra will be during the spring and autumn, when the temperatures are not high and the crowds are lower. The ticket office is open from 6 AM to 6 6 PM in the summer season and from 6 am to 4 pm in the winter season, and Petra close at sunset And if you are wondering about not preferring to visit it in the summer, even though it is the holiday season, you must know that the temperatures during this season of the year in Petra are high and cannot be tolerated.
The best time to visit the site pf Petra is usually in early morning and late afternoon, and Petra is also open at night on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for night tours at 25 U$D, from 8:30 pm until 10:30 pm.

4. The city of Petra stretches over a huge area of 60 square kilometers, which means that you will have long paths of walking, but if you do not bear this matter, you can use the beauty, donkeys and horses to do so, and the price of rides is included from the visitor center to the entrance to the Siq In the price of the ticket.

5. There is a group of stalls outside the entrance to the city of Petra so that you can buy drinks and snacks from the road, and know that the prices on the site tend to be slightly higher, so it is better to have your own water bottles, and there is also a mix of places Eating food and drink in Petra, starting from the Bedouin stalls to serve tea, to simple stalls and cafes, and even a whole restaurant enables you to get your food in this amazing place.

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