Information and advice before traveling to Egypt:

Are you planning your next trip to Egypt? aton tours has developed some tips to consider when traveling to Egypt
We will help you to take advantage of the tourism experience in Egypt in an ideal way.


Visa to Egypt

‎ To save your time and speed your way through customs and baggage and out to our waiting transfer ‎agent we have implemented a Visa service with a secure agency at the airport of Cairo.
We can arrange for them to meet you with a sign prior to obtain your Visa, speed up your ‎customs process and baggage handling and out to our waiting transfer agent. ‎
This service will be including in the package that start from Cairo.‎
‎Most western countries can obtain Visas on arrival, ‎
For those countries that need them in advance we will advise you accordingly and we offer our help to obtain the advanced Visa to Egypt.
If you are transiting to another country as part of your Journey, i.e. Jordan, then unless it is for ‎‎24 hours or less and you can show them the air ticket proving this you will need another Visa to ‎re-enter.  ‎
If you wish to purchase your own Visa, you can do this by going to the bank on arrival and ‎obtaining the Visa to apply in your passport or you may apply to your nearest embassy before ‎leaving your home country.
Doing it from your home country is very time consuming and ‎requires an application/photos.
If you ‎purchase your own Visa you will need to find your own way through customs and baggage and ‎out into the Arrivals hall. ‎
As this is a busy airport, with many staff not speaking English we highly recommend using the ‎speedy Visa service unless you are from a Country that needs to have one in advance.


Delayed or Early Flights

Flights are sometimes delayed or you may miss a connection.
On your final itinerary ‎we have provided several contact numbers so you can phone or send text by WhatsApp us directly and we can ‎re-arrange your arrival service.
It is important that you contact us if you missed a flight. ‎
Delayed flights are tracked, but if a flight is early this is often unexpected and our staff  ‎may not immediately be there to meet you – if this should be the case, ask one of the ‎many agents in the customs area to call our agent on his cell and he will make the ‎appropriate arrangements with you.



The population is made up of 90% Muslims and 10% Coptic Christians ‎‎(similar to Greek ‎Orthodox). ‎
The main day of worship is Fridays, which is their ‎weekend holiday. Government offices, ‎Institutions, and Banks close Fridays ‎and Saturdays. ‎
The food is varied, chicken and lamb and beef are popular, as is rice, pasta, ‎beans and Pita ‎bread, salads and fruit. Tea (Shaii) is the main drink of the ‎Egyptians, and is served ‎frequently with mint.‎
Vegetarians should have no ‎problem as many of the meals are buffet style and serve ‎numerous salad and ‎vegetable dishes, along with rice and pastas. ‎
Egyptians keep themselves and their homes very clean. Litter is a problem, ‎particularly in ‎the poorer areas where solid waste disposal is lacking. ‎
It is common to see men or women holding hands, linking arms, and ‎embracing with others ‎of the same sex. This is their culture and there are no ‎sexual overtures to it. Men and ‎women do not show affection to each other in ‎public. It is acceptable to hold, or link arms ‎with your ‎partner/boyfriend/girlfriend in public, but kissing and hugging in public ‎is ‎frowned upon, is offensive to them and is not appropriate.


Tipping – Gratuities

‎ In Egypt tipping (Gratuities) is a general practice everywhere (even ‎among the Egyptians themselves), and ensures extra services at ‎monuments, museums etc. maybe is a hassle and become upsetting , but it is ‎part of the Egyptian lifestyle.
When the tour guide with you, check with them before and where tipping is ‎expected. The Guide normally takes care of any Tipping at the Nile Cruise
It is usual to tip the tour Guide and your Drivers at the end of the time trip with them ‎approx. 5 U$D per day per person for the driver and 10 U$D per day per ‎person for the guide.
For the Nile Cruise the best way is to use an envelope, and put in ‎the tip with a little note if appropriate and hand it to them in person at the end ‎of their service and usually pay 8 U$D per person per day for the Nile Cruise’s staff..


The above are suggestions on tipping as we are regularly requested ‎for guidelines. It should be noted that tipping is customary and expected in ‎Egypt.
It can be very irritating and persistent hints and requests can make it ‎very uncomfortable. We have no control over this as we cannot be out in the ‎field monitoring everyone’s behavior.
Tipping is at your discretion and it is ‎entirely up to you how much you tip and whether to tip or not, we do advise ‎you to keep some small notes available and to not be pressured into tipping ‎where you do not think it is appropriate.  ‎
If you try to see this in perspective it might make it easier to understand – this ‎is not rich country and wages are low, these people have families to feed and ‎they see tourists as a source of extra monies, some are over aggressive but in ‎general the tips given are really appreciated.
If you have any particular ‎person being over persistent with tipping please contact your tour operator ‎directly if the person is associated with the Company, or threaten to report ‎them to the Tourist Police if they are not.‎


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