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We are at aton tours encourage you to have your normal life without any stress about the world crisis, disease like COVID19, so now you can book your planned and desired upcoming trip to Egypt, Jordan or Jerusalem. We understand your worries about the cancellation in case we have any issue around the world. aton […]

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Explore Sinai

If you like to do Safari, climb the mountain, relax on Red Sea beaches, diving and ‎snorkeling, you can do that in The Sinai Peninsula that in the eastern part of Egypt the only ‎land of Egypt that is situated in Asia continental.‎ Sinai is the gateway to Egypt from the east, and dominated by […]

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Explore Red Sea

The sandy beaches, the underwater grandeur of coral and fish life makes the red sea to attract an ‎untold number of tourists. The Egypt’s Roman remains and aboriginal Christian eras coupled with ‎desert stretches across the region makes this one of the fabulous destinations that one can ‎consider. When you are planning your vacation in […]

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Explore Oases

The Journey to any Oasis is Egypt is not that enjoyable cause you have to cover vast tracts of flat, ‎barren deserts that are very hot in the car. Most people usually fall prey to boredom and ‎passenger fatigue. Upon reaching the Oasis then you will get the most incredible experience that ‎you can ever […]

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Explore Giza

The first thing that Travellers to Egypt want to visit is the Magnificent Pyramids of Giza. This is the ‎second largest city in Egypt that has a lot to explore apart from the great Pyramids harbored in this ‎place. Giza city is a wonderful destination of Egypt to travel and spend couple of day; In […]

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Egypt, Jordan & Jerusalem Travel Update with Coronavirus COVID 19

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