In 1920 to 1940 AD all aristocrats and sophisticated travelers who visit Egypt love to cruise on the River Nile by sailboat. They rented the sailboats for travel in upper Egypt between Luxor and Aswan, and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The boats usually had couples or more cabins, bathrooms and a cabin of servants.
The Dahabiya is beautifully crafted wooden ships and usually have 2 masted sailing boat that relies on wind power: Dahabiya have no engines except for a generator that makes electricity for light at the night. This will provide the quite silence with relaxation! Sailing on the dahabiya allows the sound of the river splashing against the boat on of the only sounds you will hear during your trip between luxor and Aswan, with watching the birds and hear their singing.
You will relax and consider yourself as one of the elite travelers or the aristocrats during the days of the kingdom, or even a member of the royal family, as this is how they travel on the river Nile. Elegance and fashion, that is what they were built for; couple of cabins, fully equipped and well furniture with bathrooms, and servants to do all services during the trip. Nowadays it is very similar, though more modern and with the necessities of today, its own decorative atmosphere. with electricity, Telephones, Internet WI FI and more.

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