If you like to do Safari, climb the mountain, relax on Red Sea beaches, diving and ‎snorkeling, you can do that in The Sinai Peninsula that in the eastern part of Egypt the only ‎land of Egypt that is situated in Asia continental.‎
Sinai is the gateway to Egypt from the east, and dominated by the red sea on the south, ‎the Mediterranean Sea on the north and Suez Canal on the west. Sinai is the most ‎important holy place in the Islamic, Christian & Jewish religions. The settlements of Sinai ‎from the ancient time of the Pharaohs when the ancient Egyptians built castles to protect ‎Egypt from the East, According to the Hebrew Bible and Islamic Quran, the Prophet Moses ‎received the laws to the Israelites, at begin time of Islam it was the main road to Pilgrim to ‎Mecca from Egypt and the north of Africa.‎
Now Sinai is the best location in the world for diving and the activities of sea and beaches, ‎swimming, snorkeling with all activities of the mountains, like trekking, biking over the ‎mountain in Sinai, climbing the holy mountain of the Prophet Moses and Sinai trail.‎

Sharm EL Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh is suitable for anyone loves to enjoy with the sun, desert and sea, all ‎activities are in Sharm El Sheikh specially the diving as Sharm EL Sheikh is the most famous ‎spot for diving around the world. ‎
Discover the magic of the desert with Bedouin dinner and dancing by quad bike and Camel ‎ride. Dive from private jetty or sandy beach to watch beautiful coral reefs and bright ‎clownfish.‎
Enjoy with accommodation at luxury resorts and the night life entertainment in Naama bay ‎and Soho square.‎

Very quiet city, the ideal location for relaxation and wind surfing the fullest. The Blue Hole ‎in Dahab is the natural underwater sinkhole; spend your amazing time with the crystal-‎clear waters. Get experience for diving and snorkeling in Ras Ab Galum.‎
Enjoy with the thrill of quad bike riding, on desert trail that take you on a trip around Sinai ‎Mountains and the valley (wadi).‎

Saint Catherine
Witness sunrise from Sinai Mountain and climb to the top where Prophet Moses received ‎the Ten Commandments, you will hike with a narrow path to reach the summit of ‎Mountain Sinai before sunrise. Visit the Saint Catherine Monastery with the tour inside to ‎explore the ancient church, the oldest working library in the world, the burning bush of ‎Moses and the Fatimid mosque