The sandy beaches, the underwater grandeur of coral and fish life makes the red sea to attract an ‎untold number of tourists. The Egypt’s Roman remains and aboriginal Christian eras coupled with ‎desert stretches across the region makes this one of the fabulous destinations that one can ‎consider. When you are planning your vacation in the land of, and you are not sure where to land ‎once you have arrived, then this Arabian Gulf is the destination that is highly recommended for ‎you. This is a home for over 1000 species of aquatic invertebrates and over 200 types of corals ‎which makes it an exciting destination for aquatic sports such as Scuba diving, swimming, and ‎snorkeling. The Red Sea is not only revered for it’s historical, but it’s a major tourist attraction and ‎recreational resource center. The destinations such as Ras Mohammed, the Dolphins Reef, the ‎Rocky Island and the Elphinstone are popular destinations for aquatic sports. There is plenty more ‎to explore in the Red Sea and this includes;‎

Samadhi Reefs
The Red Sea is known for aquatic sports, and the Samadhi Reefs is one of the highlights of tourist ‎attraction in the region for aquatic sport. This is attributed to the stunning and attractive coral wall ‎for the divers and snorkelers. The colorful coral and excellent fish life make this place incredible ‎and fabulous to explore. It is the lovely place for the dive and snorkels in Egypt, as the dolphins ‎usually there.‎

Marsa Alam
It’s a highly sorted out southerly resort destination for an aquatic sport that stretching all the way ‎from the south of the country. The odd camps interspersed the scattered luxury resort thus ‎making it a sorted out destination in the Red Sea. The Fury Shoals dive sites make this an incredible ‎destination that one can consider this the most experienced divers in the world do prefer this ‎destination for diving. ‎

The Bustling city of Egypt became famous due to its proximity and closeness to the incredible dive ‎sites. It provides a significant package of the holiday destinations, and thus thousands of tourist ‎usually decamp at this town to escape the winter period. It’s the oldest resort center in Egypt that ‎is characterized by the Bedouin settlement. ‎

It’s a highly rated modern and luxurious resort town that focuses on luxury living in the villa ‎complexes for holiday purposes. The golf course, the Marinas coupled with dozens of high-end ‎together with the midrange hotels. It’s houses the only Egypt’s outdoor cinema that showcases ‎movies free of charge.‎

Apart from the resort centered towns, Al-Quseir is a place for you to tour. This was once a famous ‎port town during the medieval period. It has got highly preserved and the architecture of unique ‎coral block. The dilapidated architecture which has got creaky design makes it absolutely an ‎adventurous place to tour. ‎

Wadi Al-Gimel
The Wadi Al-Gimel Protectorate is the Red Sea’s the Eastern Desert that has the remnants of the ‎Rome’s beryl mines. The tourist highlights at this place are the archaeological site in Sikait which as ‎miners’ houses of the miners who extract the precious stones form the mountain. It also houses a ‎temple which was small that was meant for goddess ISIS. ‎

St. Anthony’s Monastery
It’s the world’s oldest monastery that the devotees of St. Anthony, the father of monasticism ‎found it. It is surrounded by huge walls and towers were used to protect the monks during 10th ‎century from the Bedouin aggressors. The wall painting inside that was made in the 6th century are ‎the real highlights of the visit in here. ‎