The Journey to any Oasis is Egypt is not that enjoyable cause you have to cover vast tracts of flat, ‎barren deserts that are very hot in the car. Most people usually fall prey to boredom and ‎passenger fatigue. Upon reaching the Oasis then you will get the most incredible experience that ‎you can ever have. There are a lot of activities that you can explore in the most known oasis in ‎Egypt. Here are the incredible and most attractive Oasis that you ought to explore in Egypt;‎

The fascinating face of Siwa Oasis
When you fancy desert adventures and exploration then the fascinating face of Siwa has always ‎been the destination that you ought to consider. This is a fertile basin that sits about 25 Km below ‎sea level and its regarded as a cradle of the desert daydreams. It brims with olive trees and palms ‎that epitomizes the slow-paced oasis life. The winding dirt lanes connect the shady groves, ‎slouching mud-brick hamlets and the squat. These lanes were created as a result of the trundling ‎donkey carts. The Great Sand Sea surrounded Siwa Oasis to form the sand dunes and explore the ‎western desert in Egypt
‎ ‎
Bahariya Oasis
It’s one of the more fetched desert circuit oases that sits 365 Km from Cairo. The oasis of Bahariya ‎has many natural hot springs and sandy date palm which make it is an adventure trip to Egypt. ‎Having a rocky landscape and sandy mesas in its vicinity makes the place fabulous. This was an ‎agricultural center that produced wine that was sold in the Nile valley. It’s also a cradle of some ‎archeological findings such as the Golden Mummies. ‎

White Desert
Between Bahariya oasis and Farafra oasis there is the White desert which deemed is the most ‎fascinated natural place for Safari, The white limestone formations of animals, birds or trees are ‎carved by the wind. The Crystal Mountain, The desert rose and the valley of Miracles, all you can ‎discover t=during your trip in Egypt by 4X4 Jeeb safari

Farafra Oasis
Farafra Oasis has exciting ruins and beautifully scenarios which makes it one of the unique oasis ‎culture to explore as an adventurous traveler. Dates, Olives, and apricots are what is grown by the ‎locals. The oasis is surrounded by the mud-brick walls. The oasis also houses the Badr Museum, ‎which is the only exceptional attraction of the place. The oasis also contains spa thus for those who ‎are in lived with the Egyptian massage, then this is the location for you to consider. ‎

Dakhla Oasis
Dakhla Oasis means the inside, as the Oasis of Dakhala inside the western desert and considered ‎the centre of the Western Desert Oases in Egypt,‎
Small houses and settlements mostly made out of sand and brick to offer the ideal village of Egypt, ‎The other attractive features of the Dakhla Oasis are some ancient ruins that are located along this ‎settlement. The tombs of Al-Muzawaka are located in this place, and they date the mid-pharaonic ‎era. There is a charming, medieval mud brick town called Al-Qasr that is situated in this place. This ‎town has buildings that are dated back to the 10th century. ‎

El Kharga Oasis
Kharga Oasis is hugely affected by the land reclamation project that had robbed it of its beauty. ‎The oasis offers the most extensive archeological remains, and this is preserved in the ‎Archeological Museum. The museum contains a vast number of artifacts that are dated back to the ‎‎10th century. ‎

Fayoum Oasis
This is not a real oasis and sits south of Cairo because its waters do not depend on the springs, but ‎the River Nile Mud that is brought down by the Bahr Yussef. It’s an archeological site due to the ‎ancient whales remains that was found in the region. The land was lush and had abundant water, it ‎attracted many people during the prehistoric era. The land also provided an incredible ground for ‎farming practices. The place had fresh waters, but at the moment it has salt water. ‎