Cairo is among the world’s greatest megacities that are characterized by its crazy historical finery. ‎Looking beyond the modern hubbub of Cairo you will discover an interesting history that spans for ‎centuries. When you want to have a full vigour of the Egyptian street life, then Cairo is the ‎destination for you to tour. Cairo boasts the most beautiful Islamic architecture in the world and is ‎known as a city of thousand minarets thus making It a destination that most travelers desire. ‎

The Great Pyramid of Giza
Cairo is best known for the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is one of the major tourist attractions that ‎one can consider in Egypt. The most iconic Pyramid in Egypt is the Great Giza Pyramid, though in ‎addition to this we do have Sphinx, Memphis, and Sakkara. The Pyramid of Giza well preserved and ‎it’s surrounded by large burial sites including two temples. ‎

The Old Mosque of Cairo
Cairo is deemed to be a city of Minarets, and this is attributed to the overwhelming number of ‎mosques. The gorgeous horizon of minarets viewed from any high roof creates an incredible ‎reputation about Cairo, thus making it a destination that has been admired by most of the ‎travelers. ‎

‎• Muhammad Ali Mosque
The Muhammad Ali Mosque was built between 1830 and 1848, and it was named after Ali, who ‎was ref=guarded as the founder of Modern Egypt. The Mosque was constructed in the Ottoman ‎Style with a central dome that has 21 meters in diameter using limestone and alabaster. ‎

‎• The Mosque of Al-Azhar
This is an active place for not only religious purposes but also for political demonstrations. The ‎Mosques three Principal minarets which include the carved minarets, the double finial minaret of ‎Qansah Al-Ghuri and Katkhuda Qaybay minarets makes it the best place to tour when you want to ‎explore Cairo. ‎

Coptic Cairo
Christianity was pivotal in shaping the history of Egypt, as evident in the Coptic Cairo with the ‎Overhanging Churches. Coptic Cairo is regarded as the oldest part of Cairo that dates back during ‎the times of Moses and Pharaohs of the bible. This is a settlements area that is dated back to the ‎‎6th century BC that is evidenced by the fort on the Nile built by the Persians. Coptic Cairo besets ‎Babylon Fortress, Coptic Museum, St Barbara Church, highly decorated milometer and the Hanging ‎Church. The Coptic Museum has a resource of facts about the Coptic, early Christian period in ‎Egypt, while the Hanging Church is good example of the Coptic architectures. ‎

The Citadel
Citadel was regarded as the Home of government Egypt during in 19th Century. Citadel houses the ‎most famous Mosque of Mohammad and Mosque of Sultan al-Nasir. The other incredible ‎attractions include the Military Museum and the Citadel Prison Museum. The Gawhara Terrace ‎provides the best panorama of the town. ‎

Al-Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park is a place that you can’t miss when you tour Cairo. Regarded as the green lungs of the ‎old district, it was built over an old rubbish dump. The gloriously manicured gardens provide a ‎marvelous place for an evening stroll. The incredible restaurants on the site provide a perfect spot ‎where you can put your feet up after a long day of sightseeing. ‎

The Egyptian Museum
The Museum is set beside Midan Tahrir, which is the central square of Downtown Cairo. The ‎staggering collection of antiques that are housed by the Cairo’s Egyptian Museum makes it be ‎rated as the world’s most magnificent museum. The Sheer majesty of exhibits will always carry the ‎day when you are planning for am an adventurous tour to Cairo. ‎