The world is filled with the most beautiful places for you to explore and one of the areas that you ‎should consider is Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria has plenty to offer that is why it was always ‎dubbed as the Mediterranean’s glittering jewel of a city. It houses the vast Alexandria Library and ‎the gargantuan Pharos Lighthouse. Most of the 19th century writers, poets, lousy bohemian boy, ‎and artists made Alexandria their home. Despite the fact that the romantic days of Alexandria are ‎gone by the atmosphere that still can’t be beaten, that is what lovers for history should not miss. ‎

The Alexandrina Bibliotheca
Alexandrina Bibliotheca is the great ancient library that has a gorgeous design with a cultural ‎center that houses, museums and one of the world’s ambitious modern libraries. There is a wide ‎range of curated exhibitions in the museums such as the Manuscript Museum that has ancient ‎texts and scrolls collections. The antiquities Museum houses Graeco-Roman antiquities as it ‎couples the statuary that discovered in the underwater exploration at the harbor. ‎

Alexandria National Museum
If you need a grip on the rich history of the famous city, the Alexandria National Museum is a ‎place where you have to make a stop. It has a marvellous collection that guiding you to the ‎Pharaonic era to the Hellenistic heyday the time when Alexandria was ruled by Alexander the ‎Great. It also has incredible displays such as the Statuary and dazzling antiquities that were ‎unearthed and explored in and around the city. ‎

Pompey’s Pillar
The Pompey’s Pillar is the most historical monuments in the city. It’s a Roman column that is the ‎largest and tallest in Egypt. It was erected to honor and show gratitude to the Roman Emperor. ‎Standing and taking photos in this historical monument. ‎

Fort Qaitbey
The fact that is was one of the mighty Pharos light house makes it a major seven wonders of the ‎ancient world that you can explore in Egypt. It was once toppled by an earthquake that was ‎violent in 1303. Mamluke Sultan Qaitbey was the one responsible for the construction of Fort ‎Qaitbey when attempting to fortify this critical Egyptian Port from attack. It has stone-walled ‎chambers where you can go its rooftop to have a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

Kom El-Dikka
Kom El-Dikka was discovered in the mysterious way when they wanted to clear a site for the ‎construction of a new house. Instead, the area shows a series of ancient ruins that included the ‎Roman Theater. After the excavation, the remnants of the Ptolemaic temple and mosaic flooring ‎of a wealthy Roman era situated was discovered. Villa’s bird is the current name for Kom EL-‎Dikka. ‎

Cleopatra’s Palace
This was once a grand Hellenistic City which was reduced to only scant remnants. Diving into the ‎water you will notice that there is a lot to explore. At the moment the archaeologist are still in ‎search of the sunken city that existed during the classical age so as to bring its treasures to the ‎surface. If you are a recreational diver, then this is the place where you can consider due to the ‎tumbled columns and statuary galore that do exist under water. ‎

When you want to have a real feel of the Cosmopolitan elegance era and its decadence that made ‎the city during the 19th century and the 29th century, then Corniche is the place to be. Most of ‎the architectural structures from this era still stand. During your exploration, you will discover the ‎colonial vestiges of Cecil Hotel and Windsor Hotel palace. Thus, if you want to wonder in the ‎bygone-days ambiance, then this is the place to pitch your camp.