Having a fascinating history that dawn all the way to the civilization of the world makes Egypt the ‎best and oldest destination on earth to travel. This is a cradle of majestic temples and pyramids ‎that has always captured the imagination of travelers for thousands of years. This is a land that is ‎endowed with ancient monuments and natural attractions that do beckon travelers. Having vast ‎tracts of desert land makes this place a destination, a place for you to tour. Having the superb ‎scuba diving at the famed Nile and vast tracts of land create something for everyone. ‎
Historical attractions.

The Historical attractions of Egypt tell the story of Egypt as a home of the most iconic civilization of ‎the ancient world and ancient Egypt. There are great wonders ranging from the Pyramids of Giza to ‎the Valley of the Kings that wows most of the travelers around the world to this place. When you ‎want to learn the past of Egypt, then the prehistorical sites such as the Roman amphitheaters, ‎Greek Ports, and the World War II Battle tells more about Egypt. Here are some of the Historic ‎Attraction that wows travelling to Egypt. ‎

Egyptian Pyramids
Egypt was once regarded as the wealthiest and most influential civilizations in the world, and this ‎was the time in which these Pyramids were built. One of the most famous Pyramids in Egypt are ‎Great Pyramids of Giza. Pyramids reflect the unique role that the Pharaohs and the Kings played in ‎the ancient society of Egypt. The monuments are tombs where the Pharaohs and their wives were ‎buried. The tombs that were carved in the rock and covered with a flat-roofed rectangular building ‎are known as the ‘Mastabas.’‎
The oldest Pyramid in Egypt is at Saqqara known as step Pyramid and it was built by King Zoser ‎around 2630 B.C. The most celebrated Pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza that is located at the ‎west bank of River Nile few kilometers from the modern day Cairo. This is the only surviving ‎structure is existing from seven wonders of the ancient world.

‎Museums in Egypt ‎
The museums in Egypt provide an intimate knowledge of the country, thus providing an ultimate ‎adventure in Egypt. The Egyptian Museum houses mummified remains of Pharaohs, Chronological ‎timeline of the history of the Egyptians and artifacts that are dated over 5000 years of history. We ‎do have great and world state of the art museums such as the Egyptian Museum that has excellent ‎collections. Thus it’s regarded as the treasure trove of the Pharaonic world. The Other Museums in ‎Egypt include; Luxor Museum in Luxor, Nubian Museum in Aswan, National Museum in Alexandria ‎and Library of Alexandria Museum.‎

‎Ancient Temples
The Egyptian Society took the religion as the epicenter of their day to day lives. The temples were ‎always the place where people used to bring their offering to the gods, and it also used to house ‎the various festivals that were during the year. The tremendous social and political power that was ‎possed by the temples makes the temples critical in the Egyptian society. From the prehistoric ‎times to date the temples have become pivotal tourist attraction centers in Egypt. The ancient ‎Egyptian Temples are classified into;‎

The Cults Temples
A place that was dedicated to the gods for worship purposes and where priests used to perform ‎rituals and ceremonies as they give offerings. The temples include; Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple.‎

Mortuary Temples
The mortuary temples in Egypt were a place where pharaoh’s funerary cults were performed to ‎offer food, oils, fruits, clothes and more for the Pharaohs, who departed, they include; the ‎Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple, the Ramesseum, and Medinet Habu.‎

Ancient Churches ‎
The ancient churches are a part of the diverse, vibrant and significant history in Egypt. The Egyptian ‎history has been shaped a lot by Christianity and this seen in the Bible Stories about the Israelites ‎and the Egyptians Turmoils. For you to learn about the Coptic History of Egypt, then touring the ‎following ancient churches will provide you with the knowledge that you do require;‎

‎The Hanging Church
The official name of the hanging church is Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church. The Church ‎is built on top of an old Babylon Fortress and has a nave suspended above the passage. This is what ‎makes the church unique and give it its unusual name.

‎The Cave Church ‎
Saint Marys Church in Maadi is one of the greatest tourist attraction features that is dated back in ‎the 19th century. ‎

Cultural Attraction
‎ The Egypt Cultural tourism has traversed the economic value of Egypt. Egypt has vibrant cultural ‎tourism that rose alongside the Egyptology. ‎