The Sheer wealth of temples and tombs in Luxor makes it stand out heads and shoulder high ‎above the other Egyptian town. It’s one of the greatest capitals of Egypt along all history in Egypt; ‎Luxor tours not can be missed from your itinerary to Egypt. The mammoth building works the vast ‎tomb structures makes it be appreciated in the modern day. There is no better place to stop by in ‎Egypt than Luxor since this is an open-air museum that will make you lose yourself in the wonders ‎of the ancient world. ‎

The Temples of Karnak
The magnificent temple of Karnak is one of the most appreciated complexes that is revered for its ‎astonishing and beautiful feat. It houses more than five temples of god Amun Ra, God Khonso ‎Goddess Mut and more were erected during the Pharaohs time, some extensions were added ‎during the Ptolemaic time. Start the tour of Karnak by visiting the ram’s headed avenue of King ‎Ramses II, then to Ramses III temple. The great hypostyle hall reflects the flourishing of Luxor and ‎the Pharaohs on River Nile The huge twin obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut are decorated and notify ‎the main temple. The visitors to Karank complex need more time to explore the buildings that ‎covered 100 acres. ‎

The Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings of Egypt is known as Valley of the Gates of the kings, is the royal burial ‎cemetery for the Kings who ruled Egypt from 1500 BC till 1000 BC. The wonderful wall painting, ‎adorned texts, and scenes that depict the voyage by giving the dead man instructions on its course ‎makes this place one of the most attractive features. In The Valley of the Kings have been ‎discovered 64 tombs that have famous kings during Egyptian history, such as the famous King ‎Ramses II, Tutankhamen & Seti I‎

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple has been tipped from the ancient time as an ode to turn all cultures that passed ‎above Egypt. The temple was first built by Amenophis III and first named it as the Southern Harem ‎of Amun since it was dedicated to Amun, Mut his Consort and moon god Khons their son. The ‎temple is made up of chapels of deities and subsidiary chambers such as Hypostyle Hall and the ‎Open Peristyle Court. The temple is also known to have transformed Church during the Christian ‎era. During the Islamic period, an Islamic complex was built in the grounds, i.e., The Mosque of Abu ‎el-Haggag. The Luxor temple now is one from the best destination to visit in Luxor during sunset.‎

Temple of Deir Al-Bahri
The Temple of Deir al Bahri is known as the Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple. Situated at the foot of ‎the sheer cliffs fringing the desert hills the light colored temple has become of the highly revered ‎temples in Luxor. This is attributed to the statues, reliefs, and inscriptions that is in the temple. ‎

Luxor Museum
The beautifully exhibited collection, which tells the story of ancient Thebes from the Old Kingdom ‎to the Islamic Period is what makes Luxor Museum be one of its Kind in Egypt. The Museum ‎houses two royal mummies that the Mummy of Ahmose I and that of Ramses I. The mummies are ‎a prized possession of the museum, which is located in two different rooms on the ground floor. ‎The other masterpieces of the museum include the amulets, burial masks, silver bowls, and the ‎tomb treasures located in the upper floor. ‎

Tomb of the Nobles
The Tomb of the Nobles might be less famed, but it houses many better-preserved examples of ‎the tomb painting. Equipped with over 400 tombs of various dignitaries provides you with a fill of ‎tombs in Luxor. The daily life, hunting are decorated with the walls of the tombs. These Tombs ‎include; Tomb of Khonsu, Tomb of Benia, Tomb of Nakht and Tomb of Menna. ‎
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